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Glow flute
Glow flutes 7 colours Glow flute

In the glow cup range, Light Emotions offer a unique disposable plastic champagne glass. The glow champagne glass lights up when you fill them up with a drink. The glow-in-the-dark flute is available with red / yellow / orange / blue / white / green or pink light.

When the glow champagne flute is emptied, the light goes out. The plastic champagne glasses glow in the dark a number of times until the battery is exhausted. The battery will provide a minimum guaranteed life expectancy of eight hours of light. The glow champagne flute is totally safe for drinking and passed all the food compliancy tests. This product is patented by Light Emotions.

The glow in the dark champagne flutes will light up your private parties and surprise your guests; the luminous champagne fountain will bring a magic effect to your wedding party.

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